Achieve goals, be sharp - Abraham Lincoln


It is very important to be purposeful and always be prepared for it. Abraham Lincoln, the President of the United States, once said

Once upon a time, there were two loggers. Both worked under the same employer. These two loggers are very good friends. The first was Will. It had been 5 years since he came to work for this employer. The second was John. He has been working for this employer for only 2 years. One day, on a payday, Will noticed that John's salary had been increased. But he, who has dedicated more time to his employer than he did, has not received a pay rise. Will decided to ask the employer directly about this.

This is the reason, Will. You know we work for a profit. I won't work. John, count the number of trees you cut down last month and the number of trees you cut down last month. For the past six months, John has been working harder than you. So I had to give him a pay raise. ” The employer said.

“Good. If I reach his level, will you increase my salary? ” Will asked hopefully.

“Certainly. I am not an unjust man. You do it. What did John get? You will too. ” Will's eyes filled with hope.

The next day Will John came to work earlier too. John also worked in his spare time. At times, John worked for about half an hour after work. This time, I beat John and somehow cut down more trees. Will thought so.

But, at the end of the month, Will's eyes went up in the statistics check. He had not even been able to get close to John that month. He decided to meet John directly and ask about this.

"I came to work before you. I worked even when you rested. I work when you go home some days. Tell the truth. How come you cut down more trees than I did? You're lying, aren't you? ” Will questioned John with some suspicion.

“No, my friend. I did not lie. The problem is within you. You saw that I rested less. But did you see what I was doing in that spare time? Will, I took part of that time and always sharpened my ax. Before starting work, during work, and at the end of every work, I gave myself a little time to sharpen my ax. ” When was the last time you sharpened your ax?

"Two years ago," Will said nervously but realizing what had happened.

Most of us are really just like Will. To put it simply, before the start of this year, what was the closest thing to remembering that I had such hopes and goals for this year? Did you remind yourself of those goals, sharpen them again and again, and cut down the russet trees that stand in the way of your goal? When pursuing a goal, it is extremely important to be purposeful, to constantly remember them, and to work towards them. Sometimes in life, we have goals. But along the way, we forget about those goals. Do you know what it looks like? It's like, once you start a journey you forget what your destination was somewhere. Helpless, isn't it? Because of whom? Because of their own weaknesses.

It is very important to be purposeful and always be prepared for it. Abraham Lincoln, the President of the United States, once said:

"If you give me six hours to cut down a tree, I do four hours sharpening the ax." This illustrates the importance of commitment and works to create the right environment for the purpose. Although a purposeful, sharp man can easily put down a tree called a challenge, it is not easy to put down a tree called a challenge without a purpose, a vaguely sharp one.

So, use today to reorganize yourself. Every day, people who try to sharpen their goals, do not lose easily. Can't be defeated.

Be sharp. Put down the challenges. good day.

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