Nelson Mandela taught the world the forgiving nature of leadership

"I don't care who signed it." As Jason reads the letter, he is surprised to see the signature. The letter was signed by Mandela.

The election of Nelson Mandela as President of South Africa comes amid a growing belief among blacks that he will end decades of oppression by white governments. Blacks thought Nelson Mandela, who had been imprisoned for a long time, should be treated the same way as whites. Similarly, it is not uncommon for white people to think that Mandela would treat them badly. But Mandela was passionate about creating the South African nation. He always talked about a Rainbow Nation or a rainbow-colored nation. Mandela believed that a nation that belonged to all and lived happily ever after should be created, not a South African of whites or blacks.

A leader is a person who clearly knows his destination. It is extremely important to know we're a leader is heading. The reason is that he takes not only himself but also a country to that destination. For better or worse, the team controlled by the leader has to bear the consequences of the decisions he makes. Today we are going to talk about how hard Mandela worked for the dream he had. This incident has been wonderfully included in the INVICTUS film.

After Mandela came to power, it was the blacks who protected him. The reason was that these blacks believed that whites were a threat to his safety. A gang named Jason Chabalala acted as his defense chief. One day 4 white giants break into the security forces unit of the Presidential Secretariat. The team, including Jason, is upset. The man who is considered the leader of the four whites addresses Jason Chabalala.

"Who is Jason Chabalala from here?"

“Jason is me. Why did you come to arrest me? ” Jason asks skeptically. Imagine the suspicion the boys had of the whites.

"We came to report for duty, sir." White people say. Jason wonders what service.

“We are a specially trained team on the protection of the aristocracy. We have been attached to your unit for the protection of President Mandela from today. The relevant appointment letter is Sir. ” The white man says, startling Jason.

"I don't care who signed it." As Jason reads the letter, he is surprised to see the signature. The letter was signed by Mandela.

Jason runs to find the president asking these white people to stay awhile. Mandela knows how to calm Jason down like a raging bull.

"What's going on?" Why an article like this? ” Jason questions, extending the letter to Mandela.

"Didn't you ask for more people, Jason?" Mandela gets up from his seat and comes over to Jason and asks.

"I asked but?"

“Jason. When people see me in public, you represent me and are there for my protection. But I want them to see a rainbow race around me. That is why these white people were asked. ”

Mandela says handing the letter to Jason.

"Jason, we need to start reconciling. It starts here. ” Mandela tells Jason in a steady voice.

“Reconciliation? Sir, these men have tried to kill us before. ” Trying to remind Jason Mandela of the past. Mandela takes a deep breath.

“Jason. This is where forgiveness begins. ”

Mandela speaks to Jason's eyes.

"Forgiveness?" Jason widens his eyes and asks. ”

“Yes, Jason. Forgiveness. Please try Jason. Please try. ” Mandela is making a request, not a command, to Jason.

It is easy to divide people. Hard to add. Mandela is doing it instead of preaching about coexistence and reconciliation. Jason has to agree. Again, Jason is going to take Mandela's schedule for next week's defense program and distribute it to newly appointed whites. Jason II's surprised by this. He knows nothing about Jason's discussion with Mandela. He picks up Jason and walks out of the room.

"What's going on?" He asks Jason.

"In any case, this is what Madiba wants. Follow that command. ” Jason tells his second. (Madiba is the acronym Mandela used to refer to blacks.)

A leader is a visionary. He knows the way to go. Similarly, they take their own people down that path. Due to various differences, he no longer approves of people in South Africa looking at each other with suspicion. He wants to build the South African nation. What is he talking about? He is able to give active examples for them. When the leader does what he thinks is impossible, the followers follow it. Like Jason did. If Mandela can forgive, he pushes Jason to say why can't. That is leadership.

Mandela is a hero. He was a struggling character in his youth. Someone who tried to solve this problem by confronting whites. But later, after gaining power in his own hands, he tried to solve the problem by forgiving. If the leader takes that path, the people will have to take that path. If you can, find Invictus with this wonderful legend of Mandela. This film is a wonderful portrayal of what a leader is.

Change. Think differently.

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