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Have ten good habits daily. We all have some habits that do not nourish our lives and do not support us. It is not possible that some of these habits developed out of some of our addictions. We can break any habit we have unknowingly formed by replacing it with another good habit or going back to an old habit. And the best way to break a bad habit is to have a good one instead. Examples of some of the bad habits mentioned above may be the coffee they drink on a daily basis, or even sweets. Or the laziness of the day may interfere with our work duties due to sleepiness. We need to be mindful of these things and turn those destructive habits into good habits to put our lives on the path to success. For example, if you are a regular coffee drinker, you can control it little by little. Also, a person who is accustomed to sleep frequently should recognize it when sleep approaches him and react against it. Then not only will we stop wasting our energy, but our lives will be on the right trac

Spend first and save first, then save first and spend the rest first.

No cash on hand? Do you have to take a loan from a friend you know every month as the salary date approaches? Or are you already stuck in debt? So let's start with this story by Warren Buffett. This will not be enough to get some relief. Warren Buffett is the fourth richest man in the world. According to Forbes 2019, his net worth was close to $90 billion. Warren Buffett is known for being a business tycoon and generously sharing the lessons of success with others. Warren was born in 1930 to a family of politicians. The Omaha Public Library in Nebraska, USA, is where Warren's life changed. At age 7, he did not read fairy tales. He found a book, One Thousand Ways to Make 1000 Dollars. (1000 ways to earn a thousand dollars). He wanted to be a businessman, as it says. He started selling chewing gum to friends using the small amount of money he received from home. Later, Coca Cola was sold. He also worked from door to door, distributing magazines. Warren was 15 years old when he le

The 'Three Wheels' to win

The world population is over 7.3 billion or so. Just as four babies are born every second, two people die every second. The idea is that every second, the weight of the Earth increases by two people. The growing number of people in the world simply means that there is competition for the sharing of the world's resources. Starting with a good preschool, a school, a university, there's a lot of competition for a seat. The reason is that the demand is high. The thing to keep in mind is that when you go for a good job, even if you get 1000 applications for that job, maybe there are two or three vacancies. So today I am going to tell you about a three-way cycle that you need to remember in order to win this game. The reason is that people often lose matches, not because they can't win. Because this cycle goes wrong three times. If these three chakras are lessons, it will not be difficult to pave the way for success, not only for school-going students and university students, but

Fine fingertips with rough texture on the bass guitar

A.R.Rahuman, a well-known Indian musician, is amazed to learn that the bass guitar part was played by an 18-year-old girl for the recording of a song. Can anyone play like this? Rahuman immediately asks for her phone number from the relevant studio in Mumbai. He then calls her and asks her to join his band as the bass guitarist on the Coke Studio TV show. Rahuman is one of the greatest musicians in India. He has no room for error. AR Rahuman has made the decision to recruit Tal Wilkenfeld, a well-known Australian singer as well as a bass guitarist, to his band. Can you imagine how much Rahuman impressed this 18-year old Indian girl playing the bass guitar? The truth Everyone is amazed at the way she plays. As I write this post, I'm starting to find out about her after seeing her play at a huge outdoor concert by Rahuman in Chennai. At first, I was surprised to see her playing on stage with so much confidence. The reason is that I have seen girls picking up guitars. But the bass gui


 Avoid wasting energy.  In this article, I hope to bring to you some of the most important topics that will help us to lead a successful life and what are the ways in which we waste our energy and how we can stop them.   The little activities and habits that we do unknowingly do a great deal of wasting our energy, for example just think of an air conditioner that makes a thin noise. Think of remote control that can hold a new battery. And have you ever thought for a moment that a play or a movie on the radio or on the radio would rob you of your free peace and precious energy? How much of your energy is wasted on gossip-type pessimistic news in small weekend newspapers? And how often do you find such news online? You should also know that you spend a lot of addictive time and effort in any field such as alcohol, sweets, shopping, computer games, gambling, smoking, coffee, TV, sex. Some of the actions and addictions that you have never thought of and done unknowingly are

The courageous symbol of the determined leadership that brought victory to Britain: Sir Winston Churchill

Do you know who is the creator of the symbol that signifies victory by showing the letter V with two fingers? This is the owner. Winston Churchill. A great man who twice held the office of Prime Minister of Britain. Churchill was the man who led Britain from 1940 to 1945 during World War II and from 1951 to 1955. As Churchill puts it, there are two things that remind the world of his character. The extremely courageous leadership he gave to Britain during the war. Lifelong alcoholism. Churchill was a drunkard in the fullest sense of the word. There were occasions when political opponents used it to try to destroy him. Churchill's drunkenness was once attacked in the British Parliament by Bessie Brodock. "Churchill, you're drunk." You are intoxicated in a shameful way. " Churchill was not one to be offended by insults. There is a well-known saying by Churchill, "Just as a man must have the courage to stand up and listen patiently." Churchill allowed Brod


This article gives you a brief overview of what constitutes training for success and what to do about it. It consists of ten sub-sections and its first explanation, which is very brief and clear, is about wiping out all the little things in a life that help us to increase our power.   If you are truly interested in achieving success you should not hesitate to give up everything that bothers you. We may have unknowingly allowed a very small number of trees to be destroyed by our energy without us noticing.   Scattered wardrobe, cluttered wardrobe, torn clothes, torn clothes, your dirty car, messy desk or bookshelf, even the smallest problem in your place, all the waste you endure is wasting your valuable energy. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. It pulls you down and makes you angry. Living with a lot of trees like this will not make you successful. It has been found that the number of trees that anyone is accustomed to tolerating is between 60 and 100.   The only an