Do not be afraid to fail a hundred times for the sake of success - Soichiro Honda

At age 22, Soichiro was able to start his own garage. At the age of 31, Soichiro embarked on a business of designing piston rings for automotive engines, leading the way in general repair. In fact, in a short period of time, Sochiro's company was able to become the leading supplier of piston rings to Toyota.

Life is not something we write about in a strange way and come into this world. But in that, everything happens according to a plan. The wonderful thing about life is that life allows us to change this plan to suit our needs at any time. That is why we have seen the children of some aristocrats die like the poor who have lost everything on the streets, and we have seen children born in poor shanties who see the plan of life change at any moment become rich. Today we are going to tell you about such a child. About a wonderful man who changed the lives of the people around him without changing his life.

If anyone asks what is the most powerful force we have in our lives, we get different answers. Someone will say it is self-reliance. According to another, it is knowledge. Commitment is also a good answer. And according to another, man's most powerful force may be interest. But in my experience as a mental motivator as well as a personal skills development trainer, the most powerful force in human beings is the ability to dream. Ability to see into the future. The beginning of every step taken by a man in human history is a thought. The steam engine is a thought. The plane is a thought. Ships, vehicles are all creations that start with someone's daydreaming thoughts.

The little boy who becomes our speaker today is a child who had such dreams. Born in 1906 to an ordinary family in a village near the Fuji volcano in Hamamatsu, Japan, this child did not have much interest in schooling. This child, who was described by the school teachers as a bit of an idiot, got low marks in some subjects due to his lack of interest in education. He spent most of his time at his father's bicycle workshop. Although the bicycle was a very basic machine, he was very interested in it. Due to this, the marks obtained by him in the school term examinations were extremely poor. At times, this little boy did not even have the courage to show his progress report at home.

However, the school had enacted a law requiring parents to certify that they had seen the progress report and return it to the school. The first invention of this child was to cut a rubber stamp that the school felt belonged to its parents with the help of a rubber part applied to the brakes of a bicycle. He kept this rubber stamp on his low-scoring record. But he was able to do this for only a short time. Instead of trying to save himself, he wanted to seal more children like this. It was then that the school caught his thief.

Realizing that little Sochiro was not so interested in education, his parents allowed him to do whatever he wanted. While studying in his father's bicycle workshop, he drew designs on various machines. Although it may seem absurd to one, he saw how all this would come true in the future. Meanwhile, one day a car came to Sochiro's village for the first time. This is about 1920. Soichiro and other village boys lined up to see this vehicle. But one thing is for sure. Soichiro was the only child among the children who thought at that moment that he was looking at this vehicle and creating something like that. He really wanted to build a car like that.

“I was fascinated by the smell of fuel in that car. It was the smell of that fuel that pulled me forward. ”

Soichiro was tempted to say later.

Discovering the smell of this fuel, Sochiro left school at the age of 15 and returned to Tokyo. As a helper in that garage. But from the first day, he does not get a chance to remove the nails and practice. His first task is to clean the garage. Supply of minimum powder including tea to the working technicians. Contributing to cooking. But just because he wants to be a technician one day, he does not hesitate to do these things. Over time, as he manages to win the garage owner's attention, Sochiro gradually gets the chance to work with the keys and weapons. Get closer to the smell of that burning fuel. Run through that with oil on your dreams. Soichiro returns to the village to work in the garage for six years, earning enough money to start his own business. And gaining great knowledge for it.

At age 22, Soichiro was able to start his own garage. At the age of 31, Soichiro embarked on a business of designing piston rings for automotive engines, leading the way in general repair. In fact, in a short period of time, Sochiro's company was able to become the leading supplier of piston rings to Toyota.

But the business is in turmoil in 1944, during World War II when one of his production facilities was bombed. The second production facility was also significantly destroyed by an earthquake in 1945. It was not Sochiro's habit to fall when his fate as well as his nature attacked the religious movement. He wanted to use this destruction to his advantage. He hands over the dilapidated production premises to Toyota and comes out with the intention of investing the proceeds in a new company. In 1946, Soichiro created the Honda Industrial Research Institute with that money. He had only about 500,000 yen in his hand when he started the business.

He built his first motorcycle in 1948. It's more like a bicycle than a motorcycle. He sold this design, which looked like a motorcycle engine, until 1951. But he is not unaware that the same thing cannot be sold every day. Because of this, he is tempted to experiment with newer motorcycle styles. And that design is embraced with love by the world. In 1951, Soichiro Honda unveiled the 98cc motorcycle, giving a new impetus to the Japanese motor engine industry. Soichiro's products are becoming more and more popular because of the dream of coming up with something new. Soichiro Honda, which started promoting its brand in the United States in 1959, has expanded its Honda name to 140 countries around the world. Soichiro Honda, which later became involved in car manufacturing, is making a name for itself in the automotive industry as a giant tree that can never be removed again.

Today, Honda has manufacturing facilities in many parts of the world. The number of employees in the Honda business that introduces state-of-the-art vehicles to the world day by day exceeds 200,000. In 2016 alone, Honda's business profit was 345 billion yen. Their assets stood at 18 trillion yen. Soichiro Honda was a man who believed in dreams and thought extraordinarily about the power of dreams. The Honda brand, which was only a family name in 1906, is one of the most recognizable brands in the world that will catch your eye when you take to the streets today.

The problem for most people in the world today is not their inability to achieve the tangible achievements of life. The problem with people is that they have no idea what they can do. If you can dream it, if you can make that assessment, it will not be difficult to win. Soichiro Honda has shown that in his life story. Soichiro Honda passed away in 1991 at the age of 84. There was one thing he always said to the world that year as well. That is, "Do not be afraid to fail a thousand times to succeed once." People who are not afraid of failure go through failure and find a way to succeed. Dream first. Work second. Learn from mistakes and be successful. This is the message that Soichiro Honda is giving us through a massive global expansion. good day.

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