Pay the price to win - Jackie Chan

Jackie Chan, who entered the film industry as a child in 1962, paid an infinite amount of money to go on a journey in cinema. In order to get a chance to get into a lead role, he first had to appear in assault roles in films starring his superhero Bruce Lee.

Money is an essential factor for people in today's world to meet their needs. Every consumer item has a price ranging from the seven cents we pay for the pins we need on a daily basis to the Rs. 300-400 lakhs that some people pay for luxury vehicles. There is a price not only for goods but also for services. Not only on the bus but also on the train, even if you personally channel a doctor, it is not possible to get it without paying for the service. Think about it. How many times have you missed out on something you love because you don't have enough cash on hand? Have you ever had a time in your life when you had to buy a dress for the money you had on hand while your favorite dress was in the store?


If you have Rs. 1500 in your hand, you will not have the opportunity to buy a Rs. 2000 dress. It is possible to reduce the price by 200 to 300 rupees by bargaining. But if the seller does not have the expected profit, you will not get that relief either. The definite factor in this world is that if you want to buy something, you have to pay the right price for it. But what we hope to talk about today is not your price for goods and services. It's about the price you pay for the achievements you hope to achieve in your life.


As with goods and services, we have a price to pay for our achievements. Many people see success, but do not seem to see the price to pay for it. Let me tell you an example. Two friends who sat for the GCE Advanced Level examination came to me after the results were released. Someone I've met before in my motivational programs. His result had given him access to university. His friend was heartbroken. That was because the result he had obtained was not enough for him to enter the university.


“Sir. I would love to go to campus like a friend. Teach me how to do it. ”

I saw lightness in his dress, even in his style of speaking. I wondered if this lightness had weakened his preparation in the face of a competitive examination. (I do not mean to prepare for the exam under pressure, but candidates should not underestimate its competitiveness.)


I said the same thing to the two friends. He asked me to memorize the timetable I had studied for the exam. When the child who has passed the exam makes a very systematic note on a piece of paper, the child who has not obtained adequate results in the exam is just looking at his friend's note. When asked about it, he said that he did not study under such a formal schedule or time frame. He did what he thought, he replied.


I pointed out to him that he too has faced a problem that many in society today have. Simple. The child who passes the exam has a very systematic plan. I have dedicated and studied for that. The price he paid for getting what I called the exam pass earlier was a planned commitment. But the child who failed to pass the examination could not pay the price. Because he could not pay the price by doing what was meant by planning and commitment. That is why I often say that in today's world prices are not limited to goods and services. In the end, he had to face the consequences of his actions.


Even if you are reading this article, you can still pay only what you want. But keep in mind that if you pay hundreds of thousands, you will only get a normal car to buy. But if you can afford to pay millions, you will have the opportunity to experience the comfort of a luxury car. So it is up to you to decide what to buy and what to pay for.


Jackie Chan, who entered the film industry as a child in 1962, paid an infinite amount of money to go on a journey in cinema. In order to get a chance to get into a lead role, he first had to appear in assault roles in films starring his superhero Bruce Lee. In films like Fist of Fury and Enter the Dragon, he sat close to Bruce Lee and tried to learn from him. If you've seen this Bruce Lee movie, do you remember Jackie Chan starring in it? No, you do not remember him at all. He did not portray special characters. The rest of the characters. In short, he had to hit Bruce Lee hard. We only remember the hero in a movie. The wicked will not be forgotten. To remember the wicked, one must be the best of the wicked. That's why I say you only get a chance if you do what you do best.


Jackie Chan was someone who tried to do exactly what he was doing. Because of this, he also got a chance. However, he failed miserably in the 1973 film Little Tiger of Canten in which he played the lead role. The film was considered a low-income earner. Jackie Chan later said that during this time, instead of getting discouraged, he intensified his training.


Although he later made a name for himself as an action actor, Jackie never won an Academy Award. But Jackie later said that he had always enjoyed the smoothness of the Academy Awards that Stallone won at his friend Sylvester Stallone's house. He took the award and kissed it. On each of those occasions, I wish that the day would come when I too would receive this award. Not only wished but a program has been prepared and implemented. Jackie Chan is one of the most sought-after actors in the movie industry. There is no actor in the hospital who has had as many accidents as he has been hospitalized. His bones are broken. If you look closely you can see many scars on his face. Simply put, he has paid the price for his success. But where is the kind of Academy Award he always wished for?


He gets a positive answer to that too. Jackie Chan's 55th Anniversary Governors' 8th Annual Governors Awards This is where Jackie's most valuable story comes out.


“I kissed at my friend Sylvester Stallone's house, and I'm sure I still have fingerprints at awards like this. After making 200 films, and having broken her bones many times, this award is finally mine. ”

Jackie lovingly lifts her award to the sky. The whole congregation erupts in applause.


Jackie teaches us a big lesson. He says those accidents, those crashes, those resurrections are the price he paid to win that award after starring in 200 films for 55 years. If Jackie had quit at some point saying he could not pay the price, he would never have had the opportunity to earn the $ 350 million he has today. He was holding on. He paid the price. That's why Jackie Chan has won the title of the best action team in the world today. This world is a world that decides what you get for the price you pay. Sometimes we have to pay the price with hard work, tears, and dedication to get the life we ​​want. Pay the price, acquire. Just as you can not achieve something if you do not pay, you are sure that if you are able to pay that price, there is nothing you can not achieve in this world. 

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