If today is the last day of my life, I will do what I have to do today.

This is where a lot of people, including you and me, are staying today, not really where we should be today. Sometimes our world is very limited due to the frustrations we face in our daily life, the pressures of the outside world, and the people we associate with. The other day I met a friend from my school days. He was truly a man of great learning ability. But later, as his interest waned, his schooling collapsed. He now works for an institution in his hometown. Today he sees his world only in the countryside where he lives. As the day goes by, he meets people in association and his world is built up to a limit. He spoke to me with a bit of frustration. He was worried about being trapped in a very monotonous life. But he set the limit himself.

And I have more friends. He's the one who climbed a few steps higher than that friend I mentioned earlier. They have the ability to work in a more expansive world, often with slightly higher jobs. The world they meet is different. High-income earners are not trapped in their environment. They have plenty of economic freedom to travel with their family on a relaxing weekend. They have the money to go wherever they want, to eat at any restaurant they like, to buy clothes from any fashion store. Sometimes they even go on a holiday abroad. Their world is far wider than the world of the friend I mentioned earlier. They live freely in that world, in space, with their arms outstretched. But they have made an extra sacrifice to come to this place than the friend I mentioned earlier.

I told you both stories to make you understand something. The volume of the world you are always dealing with is determined by your commitment. It's their job to make their world bigger. Staying at the foot of a mountain is very easy. But the size of the world around you is limited. Climbing the middle of the mountain is harder than being at the foot of the mountain. But the world you see there is bigger than you are at the foot of the mountain. The surroundings are clearly visible. It is harder to climb to the top of a mountain than it is to be in the middle of it. But then the world around us begins to see more than just the middle of the mountain. That is why there is a saying that you should climb the mountain not to be seen by those below, but to see your world more broadly.

It is always their job to reach the top of their mountain. Human ability is like an ocean. You try to fill the ocean with enough water to boil. There is no volume in a place like the ocean. There is no limit. No matter how many rivers and streams fill the ocean, you will see that there is always room for another bucket of water. So are your abilities. Now you seem to be working to the best of your ability, but on closer inspection, it seems that I can do something else for myself. If you put that part into action, there will automatically be an opportunity to expand your world.

Humans have a very limited amount of time to live. Apple co-founder Steve Jobs once said that working is always the last day of your life. It is in such a context that any work you do today will not be postponed until tomorrow. Take a book and a pen in your spare time. Write down how far you really want to go. Keep notes of what you learned from the process. In order to lift yourself one step further than you are now, you will feel that something is hidden within you. Cross that level. Remember. You do not have to climb the mountain to see yourself clearly. You want to see your world clearly. So if you are just standing at the foot of a mountain or in the middle of a mountain, this is the time to climb the rest and see your world more broadly.

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