How to make the right decision? Ratan Tata, The Chairman of TATA Group

Jackie Chan, who entered the film industry as a child in 1962, paid an infinite amount of money to go on a journey in cinema. In order to get a chance to get into a lead role, he first had to appear in assault roles in films starring his superhero Bruce Lee.

Nobunnaga, a famous Japanese general, went to war with the opposition. But Nobunnaga's soldiers knew that there were ten times as many soldiers in their enemy group as they did in the war. It discouraged them. Will this be able to win? There was suspicion about the soldiers.

Before the war, these soldiers worshiped at a temple. While his general was recalling his religion, one soldier told the others:

"As you already know, we are going to fight with a large force. We ask the general to toss a coin. If it falls head over heels, we will surely win. If the value side falls, we experience death. Let's try it. "

When the commander arrived, the soldiers informed him of their request. Nobunnaga picked it out of his pocket and tossed it into the coin. Certainly, its head fell to the side. The soldiers gained confidence.

The attack began the next day. Opponents who fell victim to the general's tactics suffered heavy casualties. Eventually, the enemy fled.

On the night of the victory, the soldier approached the general, who suggested that he put the coin in his hand.

"Commander. You see, I said that if we lost our heads, we would win. No one can change that. " He slammed the bus.

"Certainly not." "The general said with a frantic smile.

"If you see a victory everywhere, you will never be defeated," said the general, taking a coin and placing it on the table.

The soldier who picked up the coin was sweating profusely.

Instead of a head and value on either side, there was only a head mark on both sides.

Learning Lesson Learned: If you want to win, you must see victory at any given moment, both pros and cons.

I wrote this story for no other reason than that I have seen some people struggle with how to make the right decision in life. What do you eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner? From simple decisions like what dress to wear when you go shopping, what subjects do you study in school? What should be the course of choice at the university? Do you run a business or do you have a job? I have seen an infinite number of people jumping on the fence. Everyone makes decisions out of fear. suspicious. But that fear hinders you from giving your best (mentally and physically) to do justice to the decision. The world's greatest boxer, Mohamed Ali, once said: "You have to win the game with that in mind first. If you can't win with the mind, it won't do you any good. "

If you want to be a leader in life, you have to be responsible for the decisions you make. Your personal decisions may be influenced only by your life. But if you are a leader, you are doing an extremely heavy role. The decision you make can sometimes be a good or bad decision for your family, organization, or organization. So you have to be more careful when it comes to making decisions. But how to do it?

Ratan Tata, the Chairman of TATA Group, was once asked by a journalist, "What is the reason for your success in life?" Tata says: "The right decisions." The next question for this journalist is how to make the right decision. Do you know the answer?

"I have never made the right decision in my life." What's that? It's a problem for a journalist like you.

Mr. Chairman, when asked, he said that the reason for success is the right decisions. Now you say you have not made the right decisions. It's confusing to me. " Tata realizes that the journalist did not understand what he was saying.

"the truth. I have never made the right decisions in my life. Only decisions were made. But I have to go away. I work hard to make the right decision until I realize it is the right one. " Tata answers.

Turn to the Nobunnaga general for a moment. He had two choices. Attack and win like heroes? Will it retreat like nirvana if not? He was in a position to make a decision. He not only made the decision but also worked to motivate and motivate the soldiers to correct it. Leaders do not make decisions based on trust. The leader makes decisions first by establishing confidence in himself. Also, in the belief that what they do can motivate those around them.

I'll give you a little exercise. Make a list of 5 decisions that are wrong in life. It reminds me of a small mistake. Think about the decision that was made and the way you worked to make that decision the right one. If there is space, write it in a comment.

Have you heard a saying?

"Even if a bird comes and climbs on a rotten branch, it closes, not because it is afraid it will fall, but because its wings trust it so much."

If you are not confident, do not make decisions. If you are sure of yourself, do not make decisions.

Good day.

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