The True Story Of Dashrath Manjhi — India's Beloved 'Mountain Man'

Dashrath comes to a tough decision. With the help of a thorn, a hammer, and a yagada, he decides to hit the mountain one day in 1960.

The people of Gehlor village were shocked to hear that young Dashrath Manji was going to break the mountain.

"Where did this man go crazy after he lost his wife?"

The villagers looked at Dashrath's attempt and despised it that way.

Born in Gehlor, India, Dashrath Manji fell in love with his wife, Falguni Devi. The woman had come with him in the face of parental opposition. Because that young Dasrat did not have a significant livelihood. Even so, Demello was living his life thinking that the suffering was sweet. Falguni did not accuse Dashrath of things he did not have. Someone who worked for a while as a young decathlon miner. Therefore, he had the ability to work hard. He, therefore, went to work to hire farmland in Gehlor.

With the birth of their first child, the couple's life was filled with joy. With that, Falguni became pregnant again. This time it's going to be a girl. Dashrath was overjoyed. Growing up, Falguni found it difficult to do household chores. But she did not want Dashrath to miss any of her work. It was her custom to prepare lunch and go to the farm for rent.

One day the family cried for joy.

Falguni slipped and fell. Her stomach tightened. There was a lot of bleeding. Dashrath got the message and tried to take him to a hospital immediately. But you have to travel 70 km to get to the nearest hospital. It took several hours to take Uva to the hospital. Eventually, Fulgoni died of excessive bleeding. Dasharath lost the girlfriend he had loved since childhood.

"If you could have brought her to the hospital two hours earlier, she could have been saved."

The doctors tried to comfort the weeping Dashrath. But it was not an easy task.

With Falguni's emotion, the world that Dasharat had created for her burned out. Dashrat decided something that night. He had to face this fate due to the distance of 70 km to the hospital. This road was surrounded by a mountain range. Dashrath begins to wonder if the road would have been reduced to 15 miles [15 km] if a road had been cut through the mountain. But it is not easy. It's a mountain, but it's a black rock.

Dashrath comes to a tough decision. With the help of a thorn, a hammer, and a yagada, he decides to hit the mountain one day in 1960. People are coming and going. "Where the hell is this guy going crazy?" Can a man collide with this mountain? "Everyone, instead of helping Dashrath, starts insulting him. Some said that Dashrath was really going crazy.

It is a common sight in the village to see Dashrath going up the hill in the morning. Dashrath, who rents out farmland for a living from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m., comes back to hit the mountain in the evening.

Every day for 22 years, without missing a single day, this noble man named Dashrath Manji strikes this rock. On its final day, Dashrath will be able to remove the 110 m long, 7.7 m deep, 9.1 m wide rock shell hammer and yagada by force. The two ends of the mountain, which were thought to never go together, collide with each other. Dashrath Manji wins to turn a 70km journey into a 15km journey. "I just wanted to stop another Falguni from dying. Create a program for the people of the village to reach the city quickly. While a thousand villagers are talking and slandering, this man named Dashrath Manji continues to break the mountain and the rock so that what he lost will not happen to anyone else.

People started talking about Manji. He is nicknamed the Mountain Man. In 2007, the Bihar State Government nominated him for the Manjeeva Padma Shri Award. In addition, the Indian Postal Service even issues a stamp bearing Manji's image. The man who crashed into a mountain on behalf of his wife closed his eyes one day in 2007. Because of that cancer.

We have seen people in this world who are dedicated to themselves. But there are very few people who are dedicated to the people they love, who think about them and reach their goals. That's why Manji is a hero to me. A person who is dedicated to the well-being of other people, who can put aside all his work and dedicate himself to others, is not really a human being. He must be a god. It is possible that Manji was tested to see if he was a superior person.

This world will never remember what kind of clothes another man wore, what kind of vehicles he traveled in, or what kind of restaurants he ate at. But, how you feel about someone else will always be remembered by people. In other words, Manji is a great person to remember even today. That is because he has done a significant job for his community.

What do you think at the moment? How much self-confidence do you have to overcome challenges for your clients? Can you dedicate yourself to the same goal for two or three years? Is it right for you to give up when you have to fulfill your responsibility for your family and relatives?

We all have something to think about, given to us by a man named Dashrath Manji. So, think.

Good day, friends.

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