Check out the marshmallows for success.

No matter how hard you try, can you learn to think about your pet? A dog can't get used to thinking about tomorrow's food, and can not refuse to give your cat food today, telling him about tomorrow's milk sauce.

Ever had a marshmallow test in your life? Or has anyone been subjected to that test? This is a wonderful test to see if you have any traits that will lead to success in your life. When we were little, we all loved marshmallows. Even as an adult, there is nothing stopping an adult from enjoying the sweet taste. But how does this test whether you have the qualities needed for success? Wait, I'll explain.

Go to a small child. Show him a packet of marshmallows in your hand. Then say this.

"Son, if you like, I'll give you a marshmallow now." You can only eat that. There is another option. Now you can avoid taking it. If that happens, I will give you 3 marshmallows the day after tomorrow. What do you mean? "

What do you think the child will say? Most kids choose the marshmallow they get at the moment. The reason is those who think about what they get in the moment. Those who do not think about what to do at the moment to get something more in the future.

There is another group that gets caught in the marshmallow test just like the little ones. Those who lack intelligence. Think about it like this. You want to rob a bank because of the problems in the economy. I suggest you use all three for that.

An intelligent friend.

A friend who is a bit nervous but can think of something.

Someone who works without thinking.

This will make you easily agree with the third party. The reason is that he only thinks about what he is getting out of this moment. Friends Nos. 01 and 02 reject you. Moreover, it is possible to point out the consequences of such theft. It is also possible to use all the tactics you know to prevent it. Intelligent people who predict the future never think only about this moment. They think about the future, rather than what they get in the moment. But those child-minded people who do wrong things for immediate gain do not have such a vision.

No matter how hard you try, can you learn to think about your pet? A dog can't get used to thinking about tomorrow's food, and can not refuse to give your cat food today, telling him about tomorrow's milk sauce. They are all accustomed to living in the moment. But, obviously, people can get used to thinking about tomorrow. But most people are not accustomed to thinking about tomorrow. But people who start thinking about tomorrow, not about what they get today, but clearly choose what they want to do today, and choose the course of action to take. But, what do the majority do? worried about this moment. Seeing that he has not received something now, he misses the focus on getting it in the future. Maybe I should choose the advantage now and give it up in the future. But very few people understand this clearly and work hard. But, people who have done what needs to be done at the moment, without thinking about what they will get in the moment, have gone to victory. Examples?

Plenty of examples.

Carolyn Tux. Yes. My favorite shooting champion. Sergeant in Budapest, Hungary." The man who does not recognize the word retreat. The right hand of the shooter. But during World War II, his right hand was spared an accident. The Olympic dream? Not. Only the right hand was lost. Not my dream. Takacs takes the pistol in his left hand. In London in 1948 as well as in Helsinki in 1952, Takacs won the Rapid Pistol event by shooting from an unfamiliar left. Yes. Takacs won his Olympic dream twice. I think it takes a lot of courage for a man to have a pistol in his hand, not to shoot with another unfamiliar hand after his familiar hand has escaped. What motivates him to do that? It’s not about what’s in the moment, it’s about seeing what needs to be done at the moment to win in the future. Confidence is a set of thoughts that you must always train yourself. It is not about the loss, the breakdown, the breakdown that you can step forward in life at this moment. Only by maintaining confidence in the small accomplishments, you will have in the future. So, give it a try. Worried about what you will receive at the moment? Working on what needs to be done at the moment?

Good day.

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