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Little Sally was 14 years old when she watched the 2000 Sydney Olympics. Many years later, Kathy Freeman won a gold medal for Australia at an athletics event.

A mango in a tree cannot decide whether it will fall to the ground and rot or enter a hotel dessert. A chicken growing on a farm does not have the power to decide not to die. But the results we as human beings get are our own choices. Simply put, today we are experiencing the results of the actions we took then.

Little Sally was 14 years old when she watched the 2000 Sydney Olympics. Many years later, Kathy Freeman won a gold medal for Australia at an athletics event. Then, until 2012, there was a drought of women's athletics gold medals for Australia. Exactly 12 years after Kathy's feat, a flamethrower from Australia wins a gold medal in the women's 100m hurdles at the London Olympics. Not just with an Olympic record. Sally Pearson is the name of the girl who broke American dominance in hurdles. A reviewer asks her, "Since when did you train for this?" She was the small girl that Cathy was looking forward to when she won the Freeman Olympic medal. I really thought I would win the next gold medal that day. "Sally Pearson says proudly." She maintains a 12-year dream and eventually wins.

Sally Pearson says that's how I became my favorite player on the international stage. After Yelena Isinbayeva stepped down from the pole vault, I was obsessed with Sally. Not because of the nature of those images. Because of the nature of what a real athlete should have. I may have mentioned Infinite Sally in my lectures.

But after 2013, Sally is not having a good time. Sally's sports career is starting to falter due to a muscle strain in the thighs and groin area. Despite coming to the 2016 Olympics amid high hopes, she has to withdraw from the tournament due to the aggravation of her injury.

People need to find reasons to lose. That's when the cure begins. If you lose not only on the field but somewhere, you cannot plan to win without seeing the reasons for losing. That's why Sally is looking for reasons. It stops at one point. Over Training. That must be the cause of the injuries. I realize that perception.

He removes his coach. Start practicing alone. It was a really arbitrary decision. But he is disappointed in the decision. Training without a coach (in a high-tech event like a hurdle) is a challenge. But there is no alternative. She does not like to train with anyone. Sally is actually a meter. Not only did she give the workout while practicing, she had studied why such a workout is created. That's how he makes his own plan. Training is a scientific task. But she gets down to it with amazing gusto. When the Commonwealth Games come to Australia, their hometown, Gold Coast City in 2018, they promise to be in the gold medal.

"Sally, who was crippled until 2016, is confident of coming to the 2017 London World Championships. Like Kendra Harrison, who holds the world record for the finals, Don Harper, who was second only to her in 2012, stands on either side of her to fight for American domination, trapping Australia. But Sally did not move. She did not take a single wicket and won the world title again. There is no coach. But the gold medal goes to her. She won the event again at the Zurich Diamond League. He proves that the London race was no accident.

When I go to practice, I command myself like my previous coaches. Sally is a sportswoman and Sally is a coach. Sally, the athlete, is bound to do what the coach Sally says. There is no excuse. What I mean is I have to do it. Finally, I am responsible for myself. I am responsible for my country. " Sally means unmoved.

They need to be able to train themselves for what they want. Can you command and train yourself for your own achievements? Whether you are involved in sports or not, can you make that commitment to your personal life goals?

Think: Good day.

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