These articles are built on top of each other and are divided into ten sections so that you can proceed spontaneously.

The FIRST PART covers how you can naturally develop your power energy by getting rid of the harmful elements that waste your energy and entering into positive energy development.

When you are able to handle the basics of the first part, The SECOND PART shows you the ways in which you can make room for your new needs that have arisen in life.

The THIRD PART is devoted to matters relating to money. Why work for money when you can make money work for you? This is where you can get to know the real situation about money.

The next thing you need to know once you are able to handle money matters is how to build it when you do not have time to do what you want. In PART FOUR, I look forward to revealing some of the secrets of creating the time needed.

In PART FIVE, you will learn how to create and develop a support group that includes friends, partners, and acquaintances.

In PART SIX, you will learn what makes life truly active and how to get into it smoothly without risking money.

In the SEVENTH PART, you will learn how to be uniquely effective and efficient, which can produce unusual and unique results.

In PART EIGHT, you will learn how to master the art of listening well.

The NINTH PART will help you to start taking care of yourself, taking care of yourself, which is your number one resource.

The TENTH PART guides you to strengthening the qualities needed for success and achievement.

Most of the ideas that come up here are very simple. So just reading them is not enough. If so, that is a big mistake. It should be noted that reading and execution are two completely different things. So focus on the points that are going to be presented here one by one each week and implement them immediately.



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