The endless suffering I experienced in life, my lips did not know. So they always smiled.- Charlie Chaplin

Einstein also laughed at this story told by Chaplin with a smile on his face.

Albert Einstein and Charlie Chaplin are two extreme heroes. Both are world-famous characters. These two met on two occasions. The first was in the 1930s. The second was in 1931. Both were highly respected. That's because they treated each other like heroes. At the first meeting, Albert Einstein told Charlie Chaplin:

"I respect your ability, sir. You say nothing in comedy. But the world understands and respects you. "

What do you think Chaplin would have reacted to?

"I think your excellence is even greater, Mr. Einstein. The world understands and respects me when I say nothing. But the world will respect you even if you do not understand anything you say. "

Einstein also laughed at this story told by Chaplin with a smile on his face.

Charlie Chaplin was a man who came forward with endless suffering in life. The suffering he endured from a young age is infinite. But he became an unparalleled hero who had the ability to power a world with a smile. Because I faced life with that same smile.

Charlie was born into an art-loving family. That was in 1889. Both Mom and Dad had close ties to the stage. My dad is a talented singer. An actor. So is my mother. But, Charlie's father died suddenly. Because of that drunkenness. The mother is not as professional as the father. Because she was not so successful in her career, she had to support her two children by engaging in various occupations. Charlie had to contribute to his mother's life struggle when he was just 7 years old. Charlie has to rent it for a pittance. Meanwhile, the mother suffers from severe depression and becomes mentally ill.

On two occasions, the Chaplin brothers temporarily lost their mother. That is because the health authorities are working to send her for rehabilitation. His autobiography shows that the times when the Chaplin brothers were hungry were endless.

Chaplin gets the stage exercise of his life by accident. One day, Chaplin's mother was singing on stage. But in the middle of the song, her voice goes unheeded. Who is singing for her now? Concert organizers are embarrassed. Meanwhile, the manager of this hall sees little Chaplin. After the mother leaves the stage, the manager pushes five-year-old little Chaplin to the stage. It's a big crowd. The manager who introduced who Chaplin was, will soon leave the stage. Little Chaplin is alone.

"It was a dark moment. Before I could play in the orchestra, I started singing. I was finally able to do a song that made the audience happy. I found my voice that day. But, my mom never sang after that. She lost her voice forever. " Chaplin says in his autobiography.

By the age of 13, Chaplin's schooling was completely disrupted. Several jobs become Chaplin's livelihood. But his only dream is to become an actor. Eventually, he finds a character who can make the world laugh that suits him.

"I just wanted to create a man with things that don't fit together. Baggy pants, a tight-fitting coat, long shoes, and a hat that was not too big for the head created that nonsense. I had a small beard to carry the character to everyone, regardless of age. It worked. I was finally able to find myself. " Chaplin had stated.

I see nothing else as Chaplin's specialty. He always had the motivation to dream the dream he wanted, even though an environment was created around him that was extremely discouraging. Until the moment that dream came true, he was committed to it. The result was the emergence of the Chaplin character, who was loved not only by him but also by the world.

I started the story by recalling a story by Einstein and Chaplin. Therefore, this story must be told to you as well.

Not everyone in the world can excel in education. But people try different fields to make their way in life. Charlie Chaplin tells us that what is needed is a strong motivation within oneself.

Let me conclude with one of Charlie's sayings. He teaches a wonderful lesson to all of our lives.

"If you walk with your head bowed to the ground, you will never see rainbows in the sky."

Keep your head straight and walk. You will find obstacles as well as a way to overcome them.

Good day friends.

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