This article gives you a brief overview of what constitutes training for success and what to do about it.

It consists of ten sub-sections and its first explanation, which is very brief and clear, is about wiping out all the little things in a life that help us to increase our power.


If you are truly interested in achieving success you should not hesitate to give up everything that bothers you. We may have unknowingly allowed a very small number of trees to be destroyed by our energy without us noticing.


Scattered wardrobe, cluttered wardrobe, torn clothes, torn clothes, your dirty car, messy desk or bookshelf, even the smallest problem in your place, all the waste you endure is wasting your valuable energy. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. It pulls you down and makes you angry. Living with a lot of trees like this will not make you successful. It has been found that the number of trees that anyone is accustomed to tolerating is between 60 and 100.


The only and most successful way to get rid of this clutter is to stretch the mental document in your mind on a piece of paper so that you can see it out of your mind. Then measure your progress by telling your friend who wants to wipe out similar issues very close to you.


Use a weekend day to solve these problems one by one and tell your friend about the progress. Once the tree is removed, celebrate it in a small way, that is, make a difference in your dinner and watch a good movie. The important thing to remember here is that there may be things in our problems that cannot be removed overnight or very quickly. Leave such things as they are, and in the future, you will have opportunities to get rid of them. Examples of such things can be the problems of the head of the institution in which he works, some illnesses.

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