Rohit Sharma kisses the sky of success from the bottom of poverty

He was born in 1987 in Nagpur, Maharashtra, India to a poor family. Because the father did a meager job, the parents were unable to support the boy. Because of this, his grandparents were asked to adopt the child at an early age. Without the help of the child's uncle, the boy would not be able to go to school. There was only one room in the house where Mom and Dad lived. The little boy had the opportunity to come to the house where his parents lived with another brother only for a long weekend vacation. Because there were barely three people left in that single room. Little Rohit Apudha, the people at home are in trouble. Why? Because there was not enough room in that room for four people to behave.

This child, who was alienated from his parents due to poverty, chose to play cricket to eradicate cancer. Cricket was his life whenever possible. But it is also true that he dreamed of playing cricket with a leather ball. The reason is that if you go to a leather ball game, you have to spend money and buy some equipment. But neither the parents nor the adults could afford to pay for it themselves.

Knowing this, Rohit kept quiet. In the end, it was the uncle who helped Rohit who came to the rescue. Rohit first went to a leather ball cricket academy in 1999. He also had a 50 rupee note that his uncle had given him to pay the coach.

When it comes to the squad, Rohit chooses to bowl. There is a lot of equipment to buy when you become a batsman. Coin de Rohit to get them. That's why he chose to bowl. But coach Dinesh Lad saw the power of Rohit's arm. "This can be done by a batsman." Dinesh Lad thought so. As soon as he handed over the bat, Rohit started showing his work. In the end, Dinesh Lad decided to add Rohit to the Swami Vivekananda International School cricket team, of which he was the coach at the time. Because of this, Rohit gets a chance to play for this school without paying his school fees.

Rohit was called up by the Indian national team for his first match in 2007 due to his stellar performances in school matches as well as his century in his Ranji Trophy debut. Unfortunately, despite Rohit not having a chance to bat then, the Indian team was able to beat rival Ireland. Rohit Sharma, who has been at Avo Gio for 5 years since then, has never played a memorable innings. He had the opportunity to join the Indian team consistently in 2011, but two years later, his ODI innings average was less than 30 runs. The total ODI score was around 2000. Only 2 centuries were scored. That too, against the Zimbabwe team.

Rohit Sharma is not a man who gets used to it. The specialty of people who have grown up in the midst of life's difficulties is nothing but being stronger in the face of adversity. Accordingly, Rohit decided to dedicate himself more and more to batting. The result was that soon Rohit was able to nail it to the Indian team. Today, Rohit Sharma is the record holder for the best personal innings in an ODI, at 264. Also, Rohit Sharma is the first and only player in the world to score three double centuries in ODIs. So far, he has scored 29 ODI centuries and nearly 10,000 ODI runs. In addition, Rohit is a player who has earned nearly Rs. 1,500 million in his cricket career so far. Rohit is one of the top three players to have earned over Rs. 1 billion from the IPL alone so far.

Rohit is clearly a legend. He commented on the success of his journey so far in a conversation on a TV channel the other day. "Do not let your dreams get away from you in any way. They constantly remind you of where you need to go. "

Rohit is serious. Also, the TV presenter has a positive idea about how this player still protects his relationships with his childhood friends. Rohit says that his friends did not abandon him because of the advice given to him by his father when he was a child.

"My father always said one thing. That is, no matter where you go, no matter how successful you are, don't forget where you came from. No matter how great you are, if you forget where you came from, your victory is useless. "

Your abilities are like gems. They will be underground until you try to lift them up. But, by the time they are built, they will create value for you.

Value your abilities not by others, but by the auspicious day you give.

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