Terry, who ran 5000 kms away on one leg for others, is a hero.

Terry Fox is a true hero. He is a hero not for fighting for himself, but for fighting for others. He was a hero not because he possessed everything, but because he fought without it. Not just in Canada, where he was born. Today, he is regarded as a hero by the rest of the world.

Terry Fox, who was born in Winnipeg, Canada in 1958, was a handsome adolescent. However, doctors later discovered that he had cancer. It began in the knee joints. And it spread quickly. While beginning cancer treatment, he put off for months the doctors' recommendation to amputate his right foot to prevent it from spreading. That was due to his concentration on finishing a basketball tournament he was attending.

Fox, on the other hand, is not a laid-back individual. Someone who was contemplating what he would do after having his foot amputated. For three years in a row, he was a member of the wheelchair basketball national championship winning team. Not only that, but he intended to play golf as a leisure activity for himself. But, after leaving all of this behind, he decides to dedicate himself to all cancer patients in Canada. What is the reason for this?

When it comes to dealing with his illness, Fox focuses on the issues raised by the government's insufficient funding for cancer treatment and research. He sees patients who could be cured die as a result of this. He wishes to establish a fund that will spend as much money as possible to save Canadians from cancer. Choosing is not an easy task for him. He decides to run across Canada by himself. But only on one leg. With the assistance of a prosthetic leg.

Terry wasn't feeling well at the time. Some doctors are opposed to it. Friends are against it. But death is unavoidable, and Terry is adamant that something be done to save those who are doomed to die. As a result, he begins. Terry anticipates a ten-million-dollar payout. On April 12, 1980, he began running. It is not a simple task. He runs with one leg, but he is strong. When something begins, you lose someone along with it. However, when good work is done, people naturally gravitate toward it. That's exactly what happened to Terry. Young people from all over town crowd around him. They follow Terry to the next town. Young people across the country are beginning to raise funds for his foundation. The company appears to be doing well, with a businessman donating $10,000 to Terry's Foundation in memory of his son, who died of cancer. He does so, and then challenges 999 other Canadian businessmen to do the same.

Terry ran for 143 days in a row. The number of kilometers is 5373. The number of miles is 3339. The entire country of Canada is starting to talk about Terry's actions. Terry's work is about to go viral on a national scale. Terry's day is dominated by the media, who devote time and space to him on a daily basis. Terry has the ability to run further. However, as his condition deteriorates, he stops running. He had raised more than $23 million for cancer research by that point. Today, a number of marathons run by cancer patients under the name Terry Fox raise funds for the fund. The organizers earned $750 million from one such marathon alone in January 2018. This is the most money ever raised in a single day for cancer patients.

In 1980, he was nominated for the Canadian Order, the second highest award bestowed upon a Canadian citizen. As the youngest recipient of that honor, Terry Fox passed away nine months after finishing the marathon. A heartfelt farewell to his family and friends. The funeral will be televised live on Canadian television.

Terry Fox is a symbol of bravery. He represents confidence. Statues of him running with an artificial leg can still be found in many of the Canadian cities he visited. Flowers are seen being placed in front of each of these statues on a daily basis. As a result, this story about the greats fits him perfectly.

"The great perish. Greatness, on the other hand, never dies. "

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