Excellence isn't about never falling; it's about getting back up after you've fallen.

South Africa had been ravaged by decades of apartheid when Nelson Mandela came to power. Whites and blacks have developed a dislike for one another. Blacks have come to despise us, and we now sit where whites despise us. It's a period when whites, on the one hand, are preparing to look at blacks with distrust, fearful of losing our place in a country headed by a black leader. South Africa, too, is cut off from the rest of the world. Because of apartheid, several sports, including cricket, were outlawed internationally in South Africa at the time. With a glittering torch in his hand, Nelson Mandela, often known as Madiba, ascends to power. On the one hand, there are whites who are suspicious of gangs. On the other hand, there are those who despise white people. But Mandela recognized that South Africa was no longer a white or black country. He desired a black-and-white South Africa. Do you think he used to be a rugby player?

Mandela's effort is eloquently displayed in the film INVICTUS, in which he plays the legendary actor Morgan Freeman. South Africa hosted the 1995 Rugby World Cup. But what was the country's situation at the time? The lads were cheering for international rugby teams. The majority of the South African team were white, which was the cause. What prize may be won in a country when the majority of spectators cheer for the other team? Mandela, on the other hand, is doing it. But how is that possible?

At a tea party at the Presidential Palace, this one-of-a-kind leader, Mandela, chats with Fancois Pinar, the leader of the South African team. Mandela taught him how to persuade people in a wonderful way. The first question to address is Pinar's foot ailment. Pinar is taken aback to learn that Mandela has a foot problem, despite the fact that he has never seen himself. He has the impression that the leader is concerned about him. He then informs Pinar of what he wants to achieve. For the rugby captain, they make their own tea. He expresses his desire to win against the South African leader.

"Finding out how to change is what leadership is all about. Second, figure out how to encourage others to join you.

He personally investigated this organization. He believes that this win may bring the country together. This group of mostly white people would be bussed to remote areas where black rugby was prevalent. This white team is competing against those small black children. This spring's box eme, which contains a predominance of whites, is being used by one or two of the former guys on this squad to promote themselves among blacks. An expert advised Mandela to scribble a message that read, "Madiba, experts think we can't win this." Only the semi-finals are open to us. "That. Do you have any idea what Madiba's response was? " Mandela, according to experts, should still be in prison. However, I am now the president of this country. Understand? They can be altered. The hope in Mandela's eyes is palpable.

In fact, Mandela is anticipated to reach the finals of the Spring Box Tournament. By the last day, the crowd had united in its support for the white-majority South African national squad. When Mandela met with his team commander, he told him, "Francois, thank you for what you've done for the country. I'm hoping you and your colleagues take care of the rest. " Franois Pinar swears at his leader at that point. "Thank you, Mr. President," as well. He informs Mandela.

The fact that when the match began, a black boy approached a police car listening to a radio commentary struck me the most. Two white cops pursued him and chased him away. However, as the play progresses and South Africa loses ground, the black small police car that Elo had come to hear the commentary grows closer. The white cops were dancing with the black kids when it was announced on the radio that the Spring Box Team had won. By placing a prize in front of him, Mandela was able to win a country.

Then there's the entire Johannesburg carnival. Mandela sits in his car, watching as whites and blacks embrace each other in the streets, waving the South African flag and dancing. White people are crying and praising the President for being the black leader they feared. "Thank you very much, Mr. President. It's incredible. Today, we are all members of the same team, and we are all citizens of the same country. As sports fans shout through Johannesburg, without discrimination of race or color, the South African squad, including Franois Pinar, who won the One Team One Nation trophy, cheers.

No leader can be as forgiving as Nelson Mandela, who has moved on from his tragic past. White authorities imprisoned him on Robin Island. For more than two decades, not just a few years. He did not, however, despise white people in the name of those overlords. We are defeated if we despise white people. This South African nation will not be built by us. They are not our adversaries, but rather a part of us. Mandela says it all the time. The black cop in charge of his security wants to fire all of the white officers in the police department. Mandela, on the other hand, will not allow it. "How can I bring these two nations together by demonstrating my disbelief in them?" He inquires about the gang. Mandela is an outstanding leader.

"I was as mentally free as I had been when I was freed from prison. Otherwise, I will be unable to run for President. In one place, Madiba says. True, when he was elected, he was the president of the black people. But he returned to South Africa as president of both black and white people.

Life success, according to Mandela, is a gigantic deception. He believes that success is defined by one's ability to get back up after falling. Mandela was a man who stood up for what he believed in. Similarly, he was a visionary leader who brought South Africa back from the brink of collapse due to internal strife. A scene from the film Invictus is shown below. In that piece, see how many things you can gain from this excellent man.

There is a lot to learn if you want to be excellent. This is the problem. Find this movie if at all feasible. You can observe the game that a man played in order to construct a nation. Similarly, you have an intuitive sense of who a leader is. Leadership is not a title, as I constantly emphasize. It is a kind and good habit-forming practice. (Leadership is a training in humanity and many other positive attributes, not a skill.) Mandela was a leader who was able to accomplish this. Examine how successfully you can cultivate those traits in yourself. If you succeed, you will win not only for yourself, but for everyone around you. South Africa, for example, triumphed thanks to Mandela.

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