The first pilot in the world to lose both hands.

"People endure massive issues during their lives. In preschool, I was confronted with a perceived difficulty. When I lose my hands, I tie the laces on my shoes in this manner. The teacher demonstrated how to do it to the other students. I do, however, have two hands to tie the laces.

Jessica Cox, who was born without arms, spoke to the congregation. She was born in the state of Arizona in the United States in the year 1983. Everyone is sympathetic towards her. Because it is devoid of hands. Jessica, on the other hand, claims that she has never been affected by the loss of her hands. She spoke at a TED TALKS event in Tel Aviv about how she overcame the obstacle. He removed his shoes. She sat in a chair, removed her shoes, and neatly wrapped the laces around her legs before slipping them back into her shoes.

"The distinction is the same. I've taught my legs to do the work that your hands do. My toes function similarly to your fingers. You have your hands at your disposal. I need to work on my legs. "

As Jessica stood up with her laces secured, the entire church applauded. Jessica Cox is a girl who has lost her arms but has developed in herself an inexhaustible sense of self-motivation.

"I'm told I'm a different girl. What distinguishes me from others? We all have various alterations when we are born. What one has is not the property of another. Someone has money, while someone does not. One of them has a limb, whereas the other does not. But we must not lose sight of what we have by obsessing about what we lack. Jessica emphasizes her point.

"I despised being told I couldn't do something. I didn't want anyone to tell me I couldn't do it. I could hold a string on one leg and thread it with the other when I was three years old. I jumped into the water without both hands when I was five years old. I could perform a diving jump from many feet into the water when I was 12 years old. Throughout it all, I honed my confidence. Yes, I am capable of doing so. I can accomplish things with my feet that other folks can't. It became second nature to me. That's why, after a while, I became tired of wearing prosthetic hands.

Jessica was so self-assured and skilled that she constantly attempted to outperform others who were born with everything. She graduated with a bachelor's degree in psychology. In taekwondo, I earned a black belt. She was the first licensed pilot to fly an armless aircraft and drove on two legs. She made it a point to outperform all other girls her age who were born without limbs.

"It was difficult to make the decision to remove the prosthetic. But I had the same thought. Why would I dance with prosthetic hands to show the world if it's easy for me to operate with my hands without artificial arms? My mother had told me about Eleanor Roostwell's renowned story. That is, no one can terrify you until you give them the opportunity. I made it a point to never let anybody intimidate me from the outside. Jessica remarked. She's a true warrior.

There is a Chinese writer's remark. It says:

"In the world, there was never a way. They're made up of human DNA markers. Jessica claims that when she was on a difficult journey, she made her way on the spur of the moment. That is exactly how I feel. People and animals have paved the road. They then grow into roads. We'll never get to the roads if we don't go.

How many trials are we willing to take on in our lives? Are you prepared to confront the issues you face right now? Did you accept or reject the challenge you were given the day before? When will your road be built if it is abandoned?

When the time comes to give up, keep Jessica in mind.

Keep in mind that as the roads progress, we will begin to pass through the centre of the signage. Keep in mind that if there are indications, you will have to leave. Friends, have a nice day.

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