Success is not a handsome image, it is a radiant mind-Mr. Bean - Rowan Atkinson

“You do not need a handsome face or a huge body to be successful. It is enough to have a brilliant mind. ” That.

What kind of image comes to your mind at once when a film actor says so? You may have come to mind a man with a very handsome, ascending body. Is the image that comes to your mind when you say Rowan Atkinson or Miss Bean the same image that first came to your mind? You will say no at all. Rowan Atkinson, who won the love of the whole world through his character Miss Bean, once said this.

“You do not need a handsome face or a huge body to be successful. It is enough to have a brilliant mind. ” That.

A search of Rowan Atkinson's story reveals that he is telling the truth. He's not like Tom Cruise. He's not like Jason Statham or Bruce Wills. Not a giant like Arnold Schwarzenegger or Sylvester Stallone. But he was able to become a shining giant among these gigantic stars, using what he did not have more than he had. In short, his weakness in speaking became a factor in making Mr. Bean's character better. But if he sees it, he also wants to have a brilliant mind. What is this enlightened mind?

I once had to provide motivational support for a boxing team from a well-known private company in the island that was preparing for a national championship. At the beginning of a day when the team had to prepare for a very tiring training session, the team coach invited me to give a five-minute talk that would excite the players.

In the instant invitation, I first asked one question to the players. At the end of the final match of this next tournament, I asked how many players are here who woke up today, wondering how your hit opponent fell on the canvas and how you should train for it today. Five players raised their hands. But the other 14 did not raise their hands like that. The players who raised their hands were certainly the ones who saw their victory. When we see victory, we begin to see the way forward. That is why they come to the stadium with the understanding that they should not miss a single part of the training that day. Even a school-age child, when he sees the results of a decisive examination, begins to see how he should study for it. What most people do not have is a vision of the success they can and will achieve. I finally asked a question from the players who did not raise their hands.

“Do you not see your victory? How can you not see victory and see what needs to be done today? ”

Realizing that what most people do not have is the ability to win without a brilliant mind, all five players become champions at that tournament. It's a great example of how people who see victory every day reach out to it.

But most people do not wake up for a new day. I have experienced it endlessly. Nature has given man a wonderful opportunity to excel. But it does not seem to be exploited by humans. After a long day at work, studying, you're tired of going home in the evening. Even a housewife who works at home feels this fatigue. But nature does not do you an injustice. After dinner, you will naturally start feeling sleepy. Think. The moment when your mind and body need rest. You're so tired. Nature is very kind to you at that moment. She gradually silences the whole environment at night. The number of vehicles on the road honking loudly is gradually decreasing. Even the chirping birds in the environment do not disturb your sleep at night. Nature is so kind to you.

Go to bed at the end of the day. But most people wake up with the same amount of fatigue from the previous day on their shoulders. Come on, I have to go to the office today. You do not even remember how glorious you should be after your mind and body have rested. The work that you could not do in the office yesterday is bothering you. Instead of trying to recover, they wallow in their sadness and thus, experience more failure. But our attitudes stand in our way. It seems that many people, instead of enjoying our sunshine, turn that brilliance into the dew that the sun sees.

Have you ever heard of one in the afternoon when a thousand Buddhas became Buddhas? Such an evening? Or such a night. No. A Bodhisattva attains enlightenment in the morning. We call it the morning or the morning when a thousand Buddhas are enlightened. We call it dawn when the mind becomes clear and bright enough to understand the deepest truth of this world. But even then, if what we are doing is confusing today because of the experience we had the day before, I have to say that the person who does you the most wrong in this world is none other than yourself.

So be radiant. be happy. Start the day happy. It is not enough to get up in the morning, brush your teeth, wash your face, and put on new clothes. Just as you do to keep your mouth fresh, keep your mind fresh. Get rid of bad thoughts and allow positive thoughts. Start today. By the end of the day, you're convinced that what I said was not wrong.

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