Remove the required terms. 

We often do not see that what we are supposed to do is something that Vukali thinks we should do, but actually does not do. Without realizing it, I hope you will understand by the end of this article that certain activities with the word we need in life are constantly haunting our minds and causing very bad damage to our lives and walls.

Below are some instances where the rule of thumb, in general, is related to life, consider whether there are such rules in your life as well.

* I need to lose weight.

* Exercise should be done.

* Should practice yoga or a similar exercise.

* Make more connections.

* Make more money.

* Most valuable clothing, jewelry, vehicles should be taken.

In short, I have to do that, I have to do this, I have to do that, in fact, all of this is work that will kill you. These are the things that you need to do to avoid all the attractions that you enjoy the most in life.

I hope you have managed to put together a nice little list of what you need in your life right now. If not, I urge you to start writing such a list right now.

And as soon as I saw the list above I knew very well that you would not agree with me. You think the above list is the most essential thing in life success.

But wait a minute and pay full attention to what I am saying. How do you determine if any of the goals on your to-do list are worth the effort? One way to find out for sure is to ask, 'How old is this target?' Is to ask yourself. If that goal is there for a year or more, it's definitely a life-like 'must' type goal. There is no point in having a dead target moment with you. Get out of it right away as soon as possible.

Again you will not agree with me. Because you will think that my weight loss goal is a goal that is years old but if it is removed from my goals my dream of losing weight will never come true.

Yes, it can be true. But think to your heart that you have had this desire to lose weight for years, but so far you have benefited from it, so there is no strange change that will happen if you give up trying.

Apply this to your every-year goal. Your mind will have a strange kind of freedom. A way will open up for you to be yourself.

But you can extend this to a goal that makes you happy, for example, if you have an idea goal to lose weight, wouldn't it be nice to have a goal of taking good care of your body? This means that it should not be limited to a very small particle but should be directed towards a broader goal. Instead of spending time sleeping on the couch with a proper diet, consult a qualified counselor. Find good-natured friends you want. Minimize associations with inappropriate friends.

Let go of all the old goals that you have given up on, and experience a moment of great comfort in your heart and mind. Take the goals that you can't give up separately and start with a new face in a broader way. Understand the most important things in your life.


See you in a few days!

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