The 'Three Wheels' to win - Bruce Lee

three times the wheel that needs to be rotated.

The world population is over 7.3 billion or so. Just as four babies are born every second, two people die every second. The idea is that every second, the weight of the Earth increases by two people. The growing number of people in the world simply means that there is competition for the sharing of the world's resources. Starting with a good preschool, a school, a university, there's a lot of competition for a seat. The reason is that the demand is high. The thing to keep in mind is that when you go for a good job, even if you get 1000 applications for that job, maybe there are two or three vacancies. So today I am going to tell you about a three-way cycle that you need to remember in order to win this game. The reason is that people often lose matches, not because they can't win. Because this cycle goes wrong three times. If these three chakras are lessons, it will not be difficult to pave the way for success, not only for school-going students and university students but also for anyone who is employed and sometimes thinks that what they are doing is not as effective as what they are doing.

three times the wheel that needs to be rotated.

Number one is intention.

This is what we call the simplest purpose or purpose, or intention. Simply put, this word has real weight, and it's questionable whether we have it, when many of our goals in life fail. Imagine for a second you were transposed into the karmic-driven world of Earl on New Year's Eve. The best clothes you have are the ones you wear that day. If you do not have such a dress, try to buy a new one and start working in a fresh way. You have new hope, an idea of a new journey. But what can happen over time? The goal is to make it the first thing people forget. Now you remember how energetically you started something on the first of January this year. Now imagine that you still have that energy and hope. If the answer is yes, then your purpose is not shaken. You are very strong. But if you think that energy, that effort is lost. There is a problem there. Remember, Your fuel is the one that remembers what your goal is. Your energy is what keeps you from remembering why you started striving for a goal. No matter how difficult it is, if you remember why I have to do this, you will not quit. Simply put, before you give up, remember why you started.

The second is Action

It is not enough to have intentions in mind to make thoughts a reality on earth. It also has to work. Think about the first person in the class, the best employee in the office. They did not get them automatically. They have put some effort into it. Think for a moment about our ideals of success in this world. Maybe that Jack could be me. Perhaps your idea is your own father. Whoever these are, success is not something that comes knocking at their door. They were the ones who went to the door of success and knocked. If you want successful results like that, you have to work the way he did. If you work for a living driving a typical Indian car, in the end, you will only earn such a life. But who would argue that even if you were traveling in such a car and were to travel to work one day in a super Benz or Audi, your activism would not make you sit in that comfortable car seat? When talking about this action, do not forget to choose the do and don'ts. Certain activities take you away from the goal. Some of them can bring you closer to them. Remember, purpose. Number two is action. That's the simplest story. But what we forget the most is that simple story.

Third, pay attention.

It is not enough to have a purpose and a plan of action. It also needs good attention. Just like the idea that grows in your backyard grows into a big tree, you also want to plant your goal in this world one day. It needs the most attention. If you remember what you need to do today for your goal at the beginning of each day, it means that you are ready to work towards your goal today. I will give you an example to illustrate how important this focus is. Bruce Lee, considered one of the greatest martial artists of all time, once said: "I don't care about a person who trains 10,000 hits at once. But I'm definitely worried about people who train 10,000 times in one fell swoop. " The reason is that he knows that attention, that training will take that person to a very high place. The truth is that the goal for most people is to avoid doing what needs to be done.

Therefore, do not miss these three things, Intention, Action, and Attention. They are the three chakras that lead you to success in life. Keep it spicy. Also, see if the purpose is always remembered. Remember what to do today for that. If you want to win something in life, just keep in mind that it will not go away even if you cycle three times a thousand times.

Good day, friends.

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