Fine fingertips with rough texture on the bass guitar - Mohini Dey

Mohini Dey is 21 years old now. She started playing at the age of 3. Like her mother, her father is directly involved in music. Her father was a bass guitarist for over 500 songs in Indian films.

A.R.Rahuman, a well-known Indian musician, is amazed to learn that the bass guitar part was played by an 18-year-old girl for the recording of a song. Can anyone play like this? Rahuman immediately asks for her phone number from the relevant studio in Mumbai. He then calls her and asks her to join his band as the bass guitarist on the Coke Studio TV show. Rahuman is one of the greatest musicians in India. He has no room for error.

AR Rahuman has made the decision to recruit Tal Wilkenfeld, a well-known Australian singer as well as a bass guitarist, to his band. Can you imagine how much Rahuman impressed this 18-year old Indian girl playing the bass guitar? The truth Everyone is amazed at the way she plays.

As I write this post, I'm starting to find out about her after seeing her play at a huge outdoor concert by Rahuman in Chennai. At first, I was surprised to see her playing on stage with so much confidence. The reason is that I have seen girls picking up guitars. But the bass guitar?

Mohini Dey is 21 years old now. She started playing at the age of 3. Like her mother, her father is directly involved in music. Her father was a bass guitarist for over 500 songs in Indian films. But Mohini is a different color. Her father is most pleased with her because someone like AR Rahman chose her to play with his band. Mohini Dey's father says that when he was a child he accidentally put his daughter in headphones and told her to touch the tempo, but when he saw her doing it amazingly and made a bass guitar for her using a guitar he had at home, he said he never thought his daughter would go that far. . "But I thought it was something. That is, there was actually no bass player in India at the time as far as I know. I just thought that if she worked with such enthusiasm at such a young age, she would definitely have a chance to do something big if she tried. "

It didn't take long for Mohini Dey, who started practicing music at the age of 3, to get used to it. She contributed bass guitar to a song for the first time when she was 10 years old. She starts memorizing the note when her father puts his guitar on the floor at the end of rehearsals for a moment while he goes to a recording hanging out with his dad. Not only is the former music director surprised to see this, but Duta, like his father, is asked to contribute a part of the song or to play the bass guitar. This is what Mohini Dey's father says about it. "Eventually she and I both played parts of it. There are bass parts in that song that we both played. "

Today, Mohini Dey has played the bass guitar and shaped many of the world's most famous music festivals. At the 2018 National Association of Music Merchants show in California, at the 2018 Bass Bash in Australia, she performed with the famous guitarist Plini as well as the German drummer Marco Minnemann.

By now she has become the bass guitarist of some of the world's greatest musicians. She has had to attend concerts outside India for almost 6 months of the year. It seems that being a young woman, rather than the rarity of young women playing the bass guitar, has given her the opportunity to do so. Even world-renowned musicians such as Jordan Rudess and Steve Vai have praised her talent.

There are some things in the world that women can't do. One such is the women's pole vault event. It was changed by Yelena Isinbayeva. It has climbed more than 5 meters. In music, a girl often chooses something like a bass guitar instead of the traditional instruments that young women like Tal Wilkenfeld and Mohini Dey have shown that women can't do that either.

That's why Mohini Dey in India is one of those women who play a lot of music instruments. It's a little hard to be one of the many people who do the same thing. But with long-term commitment and training, Mohini has shown that he can do it. Still 21, though. How far will she go?

If you think you're too sensitive to bump into rough stuff, keep one in mind. The rough strings of that bass guitar, Mohini Day's delicate fingertips, have become a thing of the past.

Mute. Do not succumb to roughness and collide with them. Good day.

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