The scene of happiness


"At one point, someone asked me what I thought the rest of the world should know about me. I said the exact same thing. "I am having a good time in my life."


This is something Sam Burns said. In 2013, he was 17 years old and spoke at TED TALKS MID ATLANTIC in Washington, DC. But his figure, his health, all of this make him appear to be a very old man. He was suffering from Progeria, a very rare condition. "At the moment, approximately 375 children worldwide are infected with the disease." That means we have a disease that is extremely rare. Shortness of breath, fatigue, drowsiness, neurological impairment, and stunted growth are some of the symptoms. During this session, Sam Burns stated.

"Everyone wonders why they are happy when they are. My life philosophy is the reason for this. There are three main points to consider. Happiness will be easy to achieve if we follow those three principles. " Sam Burns informs the audience.

01. Being content with what you can do rather than worrying about what you can't.

Sam wants to be a member of the Foxborough High School band. As a Snare Drummer. But there's a problem. Sam has a body weight of 50 pounds. The Hanus snare drum weighs 40 pounds. As a result, he is unable to hold the drum.

Because of this difficulty, my school's music director wanted to give me a musical instrument that I could only use at art home concerts. But it didn't sit well with me. Eventually, with the help of my parents and a special technician, we built the drum and harness, which weighed only 6 pounds. Consider this. Then I continued to play with the band after that. " Everyone could see Sam's excitement. Sam couldn't play rugby or baseball like the other kids. But he worked hard to do what he could without being concerned about what he couldn't. He saw it as the first step toward a happier life.

02. I am constantly interacting with the people around me.

"One of the reasons I was happy with my life was that I only surrounded myself with people who encouraged me and made me happy." I come from a wonderful family. In high school, I also had a slew of friends who adored me. It was easy for me to spend a lot of time with them. The more people who encourage and make you happy you have around you, the easier it will be to enjoy life. Most people cling to people who do not encourage them, who criticize them, who hurt them, and who blame them for life in the end. Sam Burns had never had such an opportunity in his life, it became clear.

03. Continue.

"You don't have to have big dreams. But don't get caught up in the past. Maybe you're thinking about where you'll go on your next vacation. Maybe you're planning on going to a football game with some friends this weekend. Whatever you do, keep your eye on what you want to do next. They don't have to be lofty objectives.

Sam Burns finished in just 8 minutes. He was already fed up with talking all the time. But he eventually said it.

"I don't want to waste my energy on things that are negative." My daily routine consumes all of my energy. "

His time and energy were spent on conveying every wonderful message to people who were eager to think sad thoughts.

Sam Burns died when he was 18 years old. It was a sad death for Sam's parents and friends, but Sam's parents said he had lived his life in the correct order. In 18 years, he lived to be 70 or 80 years old. The reason for this was that he never missed a beat.

I wanted to make a note of this because this 50-pound skinny boy is still fresh in my mind. Sam is a young man who has made the most of his life. How do you go about living your life? Can't you use Sam's vision to make your life more colorful? Think. Consider and alter your behavior.

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