If I rest, I will rust


JRD TATA is a brilliant businessman. JRD is the chairman who has added the most business to the Tata Group in India, and this is correct. He is someone who enjoys working but is not a slacker. A leader who actively demonstrates to his followers how to work.

The JRD generation inspired the movement, which began in the 1930s. JRD will be the first person in India to obtain a Commercial Pilot License. This is the reason he founded TATA AIRWAYS. That was back in 1932. This is the business started by JRD, which later became AIR INDIA and became India's national carrier.

Similarly, TATA Motors, which was founded by JRD, is responsible for a large number of heavy TATA vehicles on our roads.

JRD flies a plane to celebrate his 75th birthday. A journalist once asked JRD why this man, who is physically old but mentally aging, is so active.

"Sir, you have accomplished a great deal. Why don't you take a break now that you're old? (Why don't you take a nap?)

JRD laughed and responded as follows at the time.


People's abilities are always enhanced by training. No matter how quickly you can write, if you haven't touched a pen in a while, your hand will begin to ache when you do. Even if you are a talented singer, if you haven't practiced in a while, you will notice a difference when you sing again. No matter how talented you are, if you go on the field without training, you will have to suffer the consequences.

The ability to always polish by putting it into action. Sharpening the sword to cut. As the iron is crushed, it heats up. As the water heats up, it begins to boil. However, if you try to unwind, you will rust.

If you feel like you've given up, today is the best day to get back on track. Magic is not performed by gifted individuals. I'm doing better than you were. It's only magical if we don't do it.

Give it a shot. Nothing is too difficult to polish.

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