“A leader is one who knows the way goes the way and shows the way.”

Although there are thousands of definitions of leadership in the world, I see the above statement as a definition that reveals all the qualities of leadership. John C., who has decades of experience in training and conducting workshops on leaders in the United States.

Although there are thousands of definitions of leadership in the world, I see the above statement as a definition that reveals all the qualities of leadership. John C., who has decades of experience in training and conducting workshops on leaders in the United States. Maxwell says, "The leader is the one who knows the way to go, the one who guides as he goes." That is also.

It's been over a month since I started writing a series of motivational articles every day. So far I have written over 30 such short articles. This is the fifth in a series of articles on leadership that I am writing under Leadership Tuesday. Someone once asked me why I write like this. Every day, constantly? Because this is a time when the world needs your leadership. You may be wondering why the world needs your leadership. " Yes. You are definitely the person we are looking for. ”

How many times in your life have you given leadership? How many times have you led as a class leader, as a student leader, as a member of any organization at school? Did that experience really teach you how to behave like a true leader? The answer to the majority is no. The reason is that leadership is not something that can be given in a letter of appointment as a rank or position. Leadership is about being constantly aware and being ahead of the rest of your team. But sadly, many who are identified as leaders in today's society lack leadership qualities. But you have to practice leadership. But why is that?

There will come a time when I need to act as a leader at any point in my life, even if I did not have that kind of leadership at school, or even if I did not have leadership in my job. For example, we know that the smallest unit in society is the family. Who will now lead this family? Most likely that dad. Or Mom. Not only countries, organizations, and institutions that can be destroyed and degraded due to lack of proper leadership, but also the smallest social unit called the family. So you have to practice leadership. If you are not able to lead your organization, organization, or country, you need to make leadership something that should be practiced and practiced for the sake of the family unit.

This is a time when the world needs more leaders. Although we see technological advancement as a way of solving human problems, the magnitude of the crisis created by man is not insignificant by the very consequences of that technological advancement. Think. If COVID 19 had spread to Wuhan, China, about 1,000 years ago when technology was underdeveloped, would it have spread so quickly? How long will it take for Sri Lanka to become an island? It may take hundreds of years to come. It may not have come like that. The reason was that people carrying the disease did not then have the ability to fly at high speeds on airplanes. Now, because of this crisis, the head of each family unit had to think and act as a leader. At this moment, not only did everyone have to control himself, but he also had to protect his own family unit.

Let me tell you a little story. One day a wealthy businessman writes his last will and testament before he dies. About how everything should be divided. Two-thirds of all property belongs to the eldest son, one-third to the second, and one-ninth to the youngest. Let's say all the property is shared. But when the father goes to share the 17 camels in his possession, conflicts arise between these children. The reason is that these camels cannot be divided into two groups. It cannot be divided into three. It cannot be divided by nine. This conflict is going too far. Even beatings are exchanged.

The old man who leads the village hears this question. He tells the three children to bring camels to him. He listens intently to the question and adds one of his camels to the pile. Add and call the eldest of the children.

"You could not divide 17, now there are 18 here. Your part is one of two. That's 09. Take those nine camels and get out of here. ” The older child leaves happily.

"Second, you need to meet one-third. That's 6 out of 18. You too take 6 camels and get out of here. ” The second one goes out happily.

“Son. Big brother is 9 years old. 6 for the second. All 15. Now there are three camels left. Get one of your nine out of it and leave. But not my camel, take the rest of yours. ” The younger one is amazed at this older man's problem-solving ability and leadership.

This story was told for no other reason. Not only because of this COVID 19, but in every disaster like climate and climate change, economic crisis, we need more world leaders. We need leaders who can solve crises, leaders who can provide a solution that makes everyone happy, leaders who guide. That is why we need to create as many leaders as possible. That is why one day your children will need to be trained in leadership. The reason is that in the future we will have a world full of problems and unhappiness. If we can get ready for it from now on, we really win.

So this is the best time to start learning what leadership is all about. I wanted to write this series to give you the experience I have gained over the past 10 years as a personal skills development trainer, leadership training consultant, and motivator, as well as the knowledge I have read in the book. So bring something to life with all of this. Even if the community does not accept you as a leader, and you do not work as a leader where you work, do not forget, there comes a moment when you have to lead a family.

Then work from the bottom of the list eliminating issues that aren't worth the fight. good day.

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