She lost a leg to the thieves and climbed Mount Everest

"Friends, I am a woman who was unfortunately beaten by a robber and thrown off a train"

There is a superior Western saying that life is made up of 10% of the things that happen to us every day and 90% of the way we respond to it. Man is naturally inclined to measure success or failure in his life by what happens to him on a daily basis. People who call lives that only good things happen luckily, do not hesitate to call such lives unfortunate lives, or miserable ones, in the face of some unfortunate event.

But the truth is, the success or failure of human life is not determined by the events we face on a daily basis. It depends on how we respond to those events. That is why everyday events are defined as 10% of life and 90% of how we respond to them. We decided to put this story in front of you to make this situation clearer. Have you heard of a woman named Arunima Sinha? This is her story. You can make her story yours.

Born in 1988 in Lucknow, North India, Arunima is now 30 years old. She has loved sports since she was a child. Her favorite sport was volleyball. Her desire to do so was stopped when she became a young volleyball player who attracted the attention of India at the age of 20. Among the national-level players, Arunima was showing that she is a player who can book a place in the Indian national team. She had the speed she needed for that sport. Had good energy. Not only that, but he had trained endurance, flexibility, and resilience. Everyone saw Arunima as a frozen player with all the energy needed for volleyball.

On April 11, 2011, she boarded the Padmavathi train from Lucknow to New Delhi, hoping for a new job. The Indian Police is an institution that sponsors many national-level sportsmen and sportswomen. She wants to stay in the game with the help of the police. Arunima, who boarded the train at that time, never thought that this train journey would be a life-changing one. She had only a set of optimistic thoughts about a new job. How to change your life after getting a job? How to treat at home? A series of thoughts were moving through her mind like a procession on how to make her future success. But she was only able to think for two hours. At one point she began to feel that someone was trying to break the gold necklace around her neck and she immediately embarked on a fight to prevent it.

Arunima was 23 years old at the time of the incident. Arunima was hoping for a fight with a thief who was trying to rob a gold necklace. But she soon realized that the thief was not alone. Arunima showed that she is not an easy girl and she was having a fight with four tall men. When four men surrounded her, she struggled to protect her necklace and her luggage. Her only goal was to protect her parents, the gold necklace she wore around her neck when she was a girl. But this attempt angered the thieves. They beat her mercilessly and damaged her body with the sharp weapons they had in their possession. Gradually Arunima became weak. She felt she could not hold on to this fight. The most unfortunate thing happened there. Arunima, who was weakened by the attack, was thrown out of the train by the robbers. In the end, Arunima has more than just her gold necklace. Another valuable thing was lost. At the moment of being thrown off the train, a train was traveling on the nearest railroad track. One of Arunima's legs was hit by the train. She had nothing to worry about. She started screaming in pain.

“My voice kept getting weaker and weaker. I felt the pain of the beating, the leg that was constantly bleeding, increasingly weakening me. I thought I was going to die now. I asked God not to let me die. ”

Arunima appealed to her. Sometimes she lost consciousness. When she regained consciousness, she was in a hospital bed. No one had hospitalized her. Meanwhile, she has to face the worst possible fate for a young woman. Doctors had taken steps to remove her leg below the knee, which had been caught in the train. Health staff told Arunima that it was broken beyond repair. There are countless instances where Arunima has been taught to accept unexpected defeats and setbacks in sports. But it was not easy for her to bear this incident. She is a girl. They have to get married. They should have the opportunity to have children and enjoy the beauty of life like other girls in life. But all those hopes, she wondered if these thieves had worked to pull her out of the train with her. She knew in that look that he had failed her. But to survive, she faced the constant challenge of picking up hope scattered over the railroad tracks. But he tried to weaken her further by loading her with challenges.

“Nobody admitted that I was attacked by thieves. Some police tried to tell me that I had jumped out of the train to commit suicide. Some media also said that it appears that I had attempted suicide. I boarded the train with high hopes. So why would I pull myself and my hopes off the train? ”

But no one was left to listen to Arunima's story. The whole society was blind. The notion that Arunima had attempted suicide was gaining ground in society.

It was then that the thought came to Arunima that I should become an even more valuable character if I was to make room in society for my story of losing a leg that no one listens to. That's why Arunima shouts at herself for working for a heroic deed that has never been done by a woman like me.

She started practicing mountaineering. She had the same purpose. That is to reach the summit of Mount Everest, the highest peak in the world. She started working with mountaineering coaches in late 2011. She has been training for two years using a mountain in her hometown. Training to climb barefoot is not an easy task. She had to fall during this training. She had to inflict severe pain on her body during this training. But he did not give up. She knew that a man had to study hard to face an exam easily. She knew in that look that if a man wanted to win a race easily, he would have to train hard. The idea that she should finish the race easily, among the people who trained easily and competed hard, made her fall, fall, and stand strong.

“I remember not having any vacations during this period. There were no Sundays. There were no Diwali or Holi festivals. While other people were celebrating, I was betting with the mountains. I told myself that I would truly celebrate life when I reached my goal. ”

Arunima Sinha later wrote her story in a book.

After two years of effort, Arunima embarked on her journey to the summit of Mount Everest. Arunima Sinha's aim was to complete this journey safely, with many brave people dying of extreme cold and exhaustion. About 47 days later, the legless girl was nearing the end of her journey in a few days. But even there she faced a crisis. The Sherpa who came to her aid refused to finish the journey. He said he could no longer travel with her. He argued that the oxygen supply was running low. Come back in a few days. His proposal was. But he did not start the journey to be caught on the way.

“I will not take a step back. If you save time, you will have enough oxygen to reach the top of the mountain. If you come, come. I'm going the right way. ”

Surprised by the sharpshooter, she set off. About 10 minutes later I felt him coming after me. Arunima Sinha told a newspaper with a smile.

At the end of the 52-day effort, Arunima Sinha was on top of Mount Everest. He had climbed this mountain. With the honor of becoming the first woman in the world to climb Mount Everest without losing a leg. The world she had never heard of before

"Friends, I am a woman who was unfortunately beaten by a robber and thrown off a train"

Today I am listening carefully to her story which starts by saying. The reason was that she had elevated herself to that position. Her life story teaches us a wonderful lesson. A ship does not sink because of the water around it. The ship would sink only if the water around it began to seep into it. She points out that our lives are not like that. Problems, obstacles are always around us. But we sink only if we allow them to enter us. We are safe as long as we keep them out and work. But on the inside, life is sure to sink. The most important lesson that Arunima taught us about life is that your super strength can be found not on a path paved with roses, but on a railroad track while losing a leg and experiencing the constant bleeding.

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